Wiffle Ball Tournament

All the stuff that we have completed was our poster we are working on right now. We also finished our emails to the principal and to our mentor for our tournament and he said yes. Now all we have to do is send our email to orphans if they either want wiffle balls or clothes that we can buy with the money that we get for people who want to join. That is all we have accomplished.

Our goal for December is that we are going to tell an Elementary school to join us 3rd ans 4th graders and we are doing it on a Friday and a Saturday also Sunday of March we will inform the parents next Friday and sent the flyers out to the elementary school.

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My Favorite foods

My favorite thing is Eating. My favorite junk food is Doritos nacho cheese chips. I like them because they always have a delicious flavor. Also I like the texture of the chip. Every time I eat it I am always like I need a lot more Doritos after I finish it.


 My favorite dessert is Ice cream. That is a also my favorite food. I like Ice cream because the cold tasted. It is also flavorful with all the sugar and the sweetness.


My favorite food is pizza. I like pizza because the warm pizza in general. Also the crust is cooked that is why I like the pizza. Whenever I eat pizza I always get a cold refreshing coke.

Thank you for listening to all my opinions.



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All About Holidays

The Holiday’ s that I am talking about is Christmas one of every bodies favorite. Also the other one is Halloween. I am talking about my families traditions. Comment do below what is your holiday and why is it your favorite. So, lets get to it.


Lets talk about Halloween. What I do for Halloween is that what ever I dress up for Halloween. The thing that I do is I always prank my sister on Halloween then she gets scared really bad. My next traditions is my favorite and it is whenever there is a house that has a bowl I always dump all the candy into my bag. So that is all for I do for Halloween.


Lets talk about Christmas. What me and my sister do is the whole Christmas brake we have prank wars. What me and my mom always make gingerbread cookies. Me and my family open our presents by the Christmas tree. Thank you for having my Attention.tracy's pumpkin pie Joan via Compfight


Pumpkin pie

Santa Claus


Wiffle Ball Tournament

Me and my partners are doing a group project and it is about wiffleball tournament. We chose this idea because my partners like baseball and I like hitting stuff, so we thought what do we want to do and we were going to do baseball but not a lot of people like to play baseball. That is why we did a wiffleball tournament. Also, It took a long time to agree on something, and we fought a lot of times mostly like everyday.

For our 20% project I am feeling okay, frustrated, and also exited for doing and being in this project. The reason why I am feeling okay is because I know my partners have my back If something goes wrong.


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All About School

Hello guys today I am going to talk about school. The thing is that not a lot of people like school that is why I am going  to talk about the fun part Gym. Have you ever wondered about what would gym be like if there was no gym teacher. I know I have and it would be a disaster because no body would listen to you. So lets get talking about What is your sport if you don’t like sports tell me your favorite hobby comment down below.


This is what I like to do in Gym. My favorite sport is basket ball. And I think i am really good at it the only the shooting guard. Also I have another favorite sport and it is soccer. I can be anything besides a goalie. Thank you for listening by.Just a soccer ballCreative Commons License bluesbby via CompfightBasketCreative Commons License Marco Assini via Compfight

Soccer ball Images

Basketball Images

Top 3 Favorite Sports

My 3 favorite sports are basket ball, football, and soccer. The person who inspired me to play basket ball is Lebron James. He inspired me by making good choices. Also don’t be a ball hog and pass to your teammates when they are open than other wise take the shot or stall / juke them out. That is why I like basket ball and I have played it for 2 years.

Best Soccer player in the world

The reason why I like soccer. The person who inspired me to play or practice soccer was Cristono Rolnaldo. My opinion is that he is the best player because Messi just does it for the fame. He does it for joy. Comment down below who is your favorite sport player and why.

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Odell Beckham Junior




Odell Beckum

Brook Ward via CompfightThe reason why I like Football. The person who inspired me was Odell Beckham Jr. He inspired me by catching a catch with one hand that he did in 2015. That is why and how he inspired me to play football. Than you guys for listening and comment down below what is your favorite sport and why.


Halloween Peom

Activity 1 – I am going to tell you guys why you should not plagiarize.  Copyright law in the United States is embodied in federal laws enacted by Congress. Also you don´t know if you will go to jail so that is why you guys should not copy write. Also you don´t want to get caught, or else you are in big trouble. This happens in the real world too.NEWS INTRO FREE 1080pCreative Commons License  That is why you should watch out and don´t copy write. BMN Network via Compfight



Activity 2 – Halloween poem-

Halloween is a scary night

and I am feeling a scared

watching beautiful lanterns dancing in the dark

having fun trick- or-treating and getting candy tonight

and at night when you eat all your candy then your going to have an upset tummy


Tonight we are having a fright

And you can hear a clown on your left

and you see those jagged trees that are shaped like a ghost

and when you look at all of you candy’s your going scared because you got no candy

You know this is the night that has the most fright and see your next year



Why I picked my Avatar

I picked my avatar because it looks cool, because l made so of course it looks cool so comment down below if you like my avatar or not. I did mine on Face Your Manga. I picked my avatar because I feel like that is me, or who I want to be. I also picked my avatar because it is well designed and it has everything that I like or want to have.
That is why I picked my avatar.

My Passion

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My passion is playing soccer. The reason why I really like soccer is because you can play anywhere you want to play like your back yard that’s where I play it. You can also make up your rules. This game can also make friend ships that is how I made some of my friends. That is why my passion is playing soccer.

I like soccer because I think that it is a good sport to play any day even a rainy day you could play it in your in basement. I also like soccer because you can make a lot of friends for example like I did. I also play soccer by myself and listen to music at the same time comment down below and tell me if you do to. I also like it because some good and real teams like Germany’s team and more teams I don’t know how well they work as a team. Tell me what is your favorite sport and why.